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Occlusion Dental Servic (OCCLUSIONS)

Occlusion Dental Servic (OCCLUSIONS)

Occlusion Dental Service (OCCLUSIONS)

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Occlusion Dental Service

Rubber teeth are often used to cover the upper teeth and prevent tooth fractures. lip biting and other injuries to the mouth and teeth. If you are wearing braces or other dental appliances (such as denture holders or bridges) on your lower teeth, your dentist may recommend other devices to protect those teeth as well.

An occlusal splint is a device used in the mouth to prevent tooth decay. There are two types: soft and hard. If the soft mouth guard is used for a long time, it may tear. After using it for a while, there may be some wear and tear. which should be adjusted with the dentist every 6 months

Rubber teeth should be replaced after every use because they wear out every time. Put and make it as inefficient as it should be. Changing teeth is especially important in adolescence as the mouth and teeth are growing all the time. Many athletes usually order dental implants every 6 months for dental checkups.
Always clean after use with clean water.
Store in a box or container. with cotton pads moistened with water every time To prevent the tool from being deformed or easily broken
Can be cleaned together with the use of effervescent tablets to clean dentures. to remove stubborn stains