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Orthodontics (ORTHODONTICS)

Orthodontics (ORTHODONTICS)

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Orthodontic services ORTHODONTICS

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Orthodontics is one of the most important and popular treatment processes today. Orthodontics will help the teeth to have a more organized alignment. An orderly arrangement of teeth also affects occlusion. and the convenience of keeping teeth clean It also affects the face shape as well. Therefore, it raises many questions such as where to arrange and with whom, is it worth the price paid or not?
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Question: Normally, at what age should people get orthodontic treatment?

Q: What is the appropriate age to start getting braces? That is, how old are you?
A: Dentists can evaluate for many reasons, such as:
1. If there is an abnormality The upper and lower jaws are not equal. It should be started at an early age to prevent problems from spreading.
2. If there is an abnormality in the alignment of the teeth in a specific position If left, it will have a negative effect on the development of the jawbone and adjacent teeth.

In simple terms, it is possible to get orthodontic treatment for children. To solve problems with chewing, jaw bones, or teeth that may occur in the future. This must be evaluated by a specialized orthodontist.

Q: How long will I need braces? So it will fit into a beautiful arrangement.
A: Initially, it will depend on the abnormality or problem that needs to be solved. It also includes the cooperation of the patient. How consistent is it? The results of orthodontic treatment will be good and will not take long. Treatment generally takes about 2-3 years or even shorter. (depending on each individual’s symptoms)

Q : Why do you need to get braces from a specialized dentist?
A : Dentist specializing in orthodontics. He is someone who has direct expertise in orthodontics. This is because you must continue your studies after completing your general dentistry degree. It will take up to 3 years to study, or maybe longer. Because dentists must receive at least 2-3 years of direct education in orthodontics, which is an in-depth study. and advanced knowledge in the field of orthodontics Must practice orthodontics only. To have deep and detailed knowledge and enough to provide orthodontic treatment to patients with maximum efficiency


It’s INVISALIGN. that uses imaging technology Three dimensions on a computer screen In designing and creating a set of orthodontic appliances for a specific type Then arrange to send the printed form to a lab in America where your data will be analyzed through a complex process. Until it came out as a set of orthodontic tools that were specifically designed for You are the only one. You must wear the appliance at all times as recommended by your dentist and change the appliance every two weeks. The appliance will then gradually move your teeth until it is finished.


This type of orthodontic treatment uses braces attached to the inner surface of the teeth or on the tongue side. making it impossible to see from the front Internal braces are a method for aligning your dreams. which is considered to be the most detailed work This is different from the outside braces. And because the back of each tooth is different. Therefore, it is necessary to use orthodontic materials that have unique characteristics. To suit the condition of each tooth. The method of orthodontic treatment This can only be done by a dentist. that have been specifically trained only


This type of orthodontic treatment is braces. A new type of clear ceramic bracket that will be attached to the front surface of the tooth. Then insert the wire into the groove of the tool and use a clear rubber band to fasten it. to the tool To move the device instead of elastic bands to align the teeth beautifully.


This type of orthodontic treatment uses specially designed braces. To reduce the friction of the tool while moving teeth, making tooth movement more efficient and also not using rubber to hold the wire to the tool. It uses a special device that is similar to a hinge. To lock the wire to the tool instead of the rubber clamp. This means you don’t have to worry about the flexibility from the force of the rubber band that tends to deteriorate over time. Currently, the Damon tool has developed to its third generation, which has been developed to be a smaller tool. And the material is so tooth-colored that the strips are no longer distinguishable.


This type of orthodontic treatment is considered to be the most popular type of orthodontic treatment today. They can often be seen on the streets. The tools are made from quality metal materials. and is used on the outside of the tooth, making it clearly visible. In general, equipment does not have a very long lifespan. This makes it necessary to see the dentist every month.

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